Rare and unusual perennial plants for the Mediterranean climate.


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Founded in 2001, Crescent Hill Nursery is a Watsonville, California-based grower of rare and unusual plants. California offers a multitude of different microclimates in which to garden, and our aim is to fill these diverse niches with interesting plants from around the world. Crescent Hill Nursery believes that California's wide array of natural environments provide the ideal backdrop for the use of interesting plants in the landscape. We thus place a heavy emphasis on varieties new to the trade, and thrive to introduce them to gardeners and landscapers alike. This is paired with our already eclectic plant list of garden-tested species, providing a palette of functional plants that stray slightly (and sometimes widely) from the beaten path. From drought tolerant California native and Mediterranean region specimens to lushly tropical selections, it is our hope that everything we offer brings excitement and enjoyment to all who participate in the incredible world of plants.


The use of rare and unusual plants is best partnered with education to ensure their successful incorporation into the landscape. Crescent Hill is proud to offer an informed and intelligent staff with first-hand experiential knowledge of how our plants work in the ground. We also place a high value on customer participation as we work together to chronicle the different soil types, moisture regiments, sun aspects, nutrient needs, and faunal relationships that our plants encounter in the greater California ecosystem. This website serves as a regional compilation of our knowledge, compared and contrasted with institutional horticultural wisdom worldwide. As always, we appreciate any comments, suggestions, and differing opinions as we constantly seek to hone and polish this information into a blueprint for successful plantings. Future updates will include detailed photos for each specimen in our collection. Our focus on education is further illustrated via our researched and descriptive plant label program, that attempts to speak for us at retail locations throughout the state. Our quasi-scholastic (and highly entertaining) gardening events provide an additional resource for gardeners to create the foundational base from which viable landscapes flow. Our seasonal e-newsletter focuses on the "lighter side" of gardening and serves as an amusing forum for customer appreciation including question/answer, links to our partners, and special offers.


Plants are available here at the growing grounds in Watsonville, as well as at the multitude of local markets listed on our calendar page. Delivery is available for an additional freight charge. A larger selection and more personalized help in the planning process are always available here at the nursery. Tours of the facility can be linked to environmental consultations, which can save time, plants, and countless dollars in the landscaping process. We also look forward to serving wholesale customers, such as landscape professionals and retail nurseries. To receive wholesale pricing and availability, please click here to email us your resale number. We cordially welcome you all to the Crescent Hill gardening family, and hope you enjoy the tour of our website.


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Nathan Krupa,

Founder and President





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